The project
"I met Alexandra Kulcsár when she was the managing director of Optimum4 Tanácsadó Kft. I realized back then that if an ERP project is necessary at our company we will work with her. We contacted her in November 2014 when our project to select an ERP vendor started. She had only two weeks to examine and analyze our business processes, operation and organization. After she prepared the analysis, the management of Forest-Papír Kft. assigned Alexandra and to lead the entire ERP project from selecting the software and the vendor to signing the contract. The project was closed successfully on time. Our IFS implementation project started in January 2015 and due to her project quality assurance work it seems that the full-scale operation of the system will start in January 2016.”

Kulcsár Alexandra
"Alexandra understood our demands and the project goals very quickly.  She performed the tasks assigned to her perfectly and proved her expertise in many instances. She is a highly qualified business consultant and has gained valuable experience throughout her career.
I would highlight that she is independent from supplier affiliation, which I – as a company owner - find very important. Her wide-range knowledge of the business processes of manufacturing enterprises and of the ERP market makes her confident in this field. Alexandra is pro-active and communicates very well both with our internal team and with the employees of the software supplier. She is determined, and has strong leadership skills which she devotes to meet the demands of her clients. Alexandra is success-oriented and persistent. Her skills make her suited for many kinds of management consulting tasks. We worked together efficiently and successfully. I am absolutely satisfied with the work she has done.”

Ferenc Bodrogai
Owner and managing director, Forest-Papír Kft.