The project
ALTEO Nyrt. got in touch with Alexandra Kulcsár and the team of in connection with the acquisition of a company. We worked together on the acquisition of Synergy. The main tasks were analyzing and documenting the ERP-related processes of the energy industry enterprise. In addition to that, they examined the operative systems by conducting a GAP-FIT analysis. The analysis revealed that none of the three software packages in use is suitable for handling the expanded range of tasks. In light of the revealed facts, the management of ALTEO decided to ask to make a comprehensive specification of requirements, and to plan and manage the software implementation project from selecting the vendor to signing the contract. The project was finished successfully on time.”

The experts
“The experts of understood our needs and the project goals very quickly. They are well-qualified IT and business consultants who communicated with us efficiently. I would highlight their professional approach and their independence from supplier affiliation, on which their future clients can count. Their outstandingly wide-range knowledge of business processes and foreign ERP systems makes them confident in the field. The experts are creative which opens many opportunities. Alexandra Kulcsár is a determined person with strong leadership skills which she subordinates to the demands of the clients. She is success-oriented and persistent. These characteristics make her suited for several types of consulting work. The technological expertise and analytical thinking of Róbert Nagy meant a huge value during the project. We worked together smoothly and with pleasure. I am perfectly satisfied with the work they did. We count on them for the implementation project and I will happily assign them similarly complex tasks.”

Sándor Bodó
Chief Financial Officer, ALTEO Nyrt.