About us

We are independent consultants. Independent from technology and supplier affiliation. This is one of our core values – besides our more than 18 years of professional experience - which define all of our work. We have been on the supplier’s side. We know how supplier-side sales professionals think during the negotiation process, or what aspects are important during the implementation of the system.  We have worked on the client’s side too, dealing with operation. We know how CEOs, logistics experts, chief accountants or production managers think. We have been working as client-side consultants for years. We know and understand how the actors of an ERP project think, that is why we are able to communicate with and mediate among them. Consequently, the outcome will be much better than without us. It is the consultant’s duty to identify the deficiencies, redundancies and operational risks in the processes, and the contradictions between the goals and the operation. Besides industrial experience, the most important element is our complex approach and consulting methodology which help our clients reach their goals and form processes and organizations that create value. All these things enable us to react to our clients’ problems flexibly, to work with a solution- and result-oriented approach and to create tangible values.

Our team

Alexandra Kulcsár
Partner, senior advisor

Alexandra Kulcsár has been working in the IT industry since 1997. She gained experience from every side of the industry as she worked as a logistics expert at an industrial manufacturing enterprise, she was senior advisor, head of department and head of sales at Hungarian and multinational software suppliers. For eleven years she was the managing director of Optimum4 Tanácsadó Kft. – listed among the best management consulting companies in the Book of Lists between 2007 and 2010. By qualification she is an economist, a chartered accountant and logistics expert. She has been teaching at Szent István University for ten years, participates in the final exam committees and acts as second reader for theses. She is honorary associate professor at Szent István University. Alexandra lectured several times at conferences and at universities, acted as an ERP expert at the first online software exhibition and has written lots of articles in the past 18 years.

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Róbert Nagy
Senior technological expert

Róbert Nagy graduated at as an IT engineer  at the Faculty of Economics at Szent István University. He has experience in several fields of the IT industry: he worked for small and middle size enterprises as well as for multinational companies. Since 2008 he is a freelance advisor and has been leading numerous projects in the field of software design and organization. He has complex expertise, which makes him successful in planning and building IT strategies. Róbert has deep methodological knowledge and wide-range experience.



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Our Methodology

When our clients think they may need the help of the advisors of erp-consulting.hu, we think the first step is to get acquainted with each other.

The first meeting

After the introduction we have the opportunity to ask you a lot of questions. In case of manufacturing enterprises we are glad if we get a chance to visit the production plant. As a second step, we make a proposal in which we present how we may help, how fast and for how much. Our proposal is always tailored to the needs of the client, therefore it may be an e-mail consisting of a few lines, a short presentation or a detailed document.

The mapping phase 

We ask a lot of questions, map how our client works, and read all the available, important, internal documents. We perform our duties in a transparent way but expect to be given information, time and patience. The goal is to make sure by the end of the project phase that our client is able to decide the future direction, to see the possibilities of implementation and to know how we can help.

The cooperation phase

We provide professional confidence, energy from our personal experience and innovative solutions for the implementation of the project.
We support the process in accordance with the needs of the client, and provide professional help for the realization of the project goals.