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Erp-consulting.hu is an IT and business consulting team, independent from technology or supplier affiliation. Erp-consulting.hu specializes in enterprise consulting, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supplementary (SFA, HR, CRM etc.) client-side IT consulting. 

Our clients are middle-size and large companies located in Hungary. We cooperate with manufacturing enterprises and service providers ranging from the food and paper industry to the energy sector. Our services range from mapping the needs of the client and preparing the requirement specification to leading the ERP suppliers’ tender, business process reengineering and project quality assurance. Our clients can count on us in case of functional system audit and interoperability planning as well. The majority of our engagements is to manage complex software implementation projects and to provide quality assurance. While delivering our work we always provide partner-level quality assurance.

We help you identify any business process or IT problem and also advise on how to move towards the SOLUTION. We are proud to have our clients’ confidence, and references from the chief executives and owners of leading enterprises. This is the strongest feedback on the quality of our work and gives us creative energy for further projects.

In the past years we have worked on more than 100 IT and consulting projects. You may read more on our experience and thinking on our blog. If you are interested, we tell you how we start working on a new assignment! 




"They are well-qualified IT and business consultants with efficient communication skills. I would highlight their professional approach and their independence from supplier affiliation, on which their future clients can count."

Sándor Bodó

"I knew that if ERP implementation is necessary at our company, we will work together. The wide-range knowledge of business processes at manufacturing enterprises and of the ERP market makes them confident in what they do.”

Ferenc Bodrogai

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Credibility and communication

WWe are proud of the fact that our current and previous clients are happy to recommend us to their business partners and turn to us with other questions regarding business processes and IT matters. Our credibility is based on the more than 18 years of experience of our experts. We are learning continuously, so that our clients can make the best and most innovative decision based on the latest trends.


100% independence

OOur most essential core value is that we do not represent any technology or supplier, we pay attention only to our clients’ interests. This a unique stance in the Hungarian IT consulting market, which ensures 100% security for our clients to know that our suggestion is the optimal solution for them.


Proprietary approach

WWe represent our clients’ interests as if they were ours. We believe that this approach is the building block that ensures long-term trust and mutual respect in all of our projects. Our work is confidential: our clients are mostly owners or leaders of mid-size companies, Chief Financial Officers or Chief Information Officers of large companies. Put us to the test!


Creating value

TThe success and the payback of a business development or IT project depends on many factors. We passionately work on delivering more and better work to our clients than agreed in the contract. We do not keep our clients “in dependence”. Our goal is to communicate and work together with our clients so efficiently, that our presence is not required after closing the project.